Constitutional law professor offers commentary on credibility of nation’s intelligence

Politics |    August 16, 2018 |    |   14 Hits

By WMU-Cooley Law School Constitutional Law Professor Brendan Beery Let’s start with the basics: The President has broad powers under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, both as the nation’s chief executive and as commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The consensus … Continue reading

Podcast: Testing, analyzing and tracking marketing campaigns

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Politics |    August 10, 2018 |    |   25 Hits

How can you tell if all that money you’re spending on marketing your law firm is working? In this edition of Lunch Hour Legal Marketing from the Legal Talk Network, Gyi Tsakalakis and Kelly Street talk about the best ways to … Continue reading

Video: Comey’s concern about Trump’s attacks on the FBI

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Politics |    July 30, 2018 |    |   54 Hits

James Comey, the FBI director fired by President Trump in 2017, says he’s concerned about Trump’s unrelenting attacks on the agency. Comey says Trump’s attacks on the FBI and the Department of Justice are undermining confidence in the agencies. Comey … Continue reading

Comparative Ethics: Ireland and America

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Politics |    July 23, 2018 |    |   52 Hits

by Patrick G. Longhi, J.D. In the town of Killarney in southwestern Ireland at the locals-only pub on a blustery Saturday night in early spring 2017, the regulars played Celtic music for patrons who all seemed to know each other engaged in lively conversation. … Continue reading

Hackers selling law firm secrets on dark web

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Politics |    July 12, 2018 |    |   78 Hits

Exploitable holes in law firm cybersecurity are allowing hackers to sell access to law firm secrets on the dark web. According to CNBC, a cybersecurity firm showed how a Russian hacker was selling access to a New York law firm’s … Continue reading

Judge rules scientific evidence shows Roundup can cause cancer

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Politics |    July 11, 2018 |    |   48 Hits

A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled that plaintiffs have put forth reliable scientific evidence that exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller can cause cancer. Andrus Wagstaff partner and National Trial Lawyers member Aimee Wagstaff is national co-lead counsel of that federal litigation and … Continue reading

Video: Turning away asylum seekers at the border

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Politics |    June 19, 2018 |    |   83 Hits

As Americans debate the Trump administration’s policy of denying asylum to many people seeking to enter the country at the Mexico border, as well as its policy of separating migrant children from their parents, The Atlantic has produced a short … Continue reading

The separation of immigrant children from their parents is despicable

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Politics |    June 14, 2018 |    |   81 Hits

The Trump administration’s latest and most terrible tactic in its war on immigration is taking young children away from their parents at the border and keeping them separated. While the United States of America has plenty of regrettable stains on … Continue reading

The president’s pardons

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Politics |    June 8, 2018 |    |   69 Hits

In comments to media today, President Trump invited NFL players who would protest during the national anthem to suggest individuals to be considered for a presidential pardon. Jeff Robinson, deputy legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union, had the … Continue reading

ABA Legal Fact Check explores the legal basis for saying, ‘A president is not above the law’

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Politics |    June 8, 2018 |    |   85 Hits

The American Bar Association has posted a new ABA Legal Fact Check that explores the legal precedents related to whether a U.S. president can act “above the law.” Political conversation turned to this question in the past few days when … Continue reading