The New Yorker profiles NTL Executive Committee member Gloria Allred

Gloria AllredKnown as well outside the courtroom as in, The National Trial Lawyers Executive Committee member Gloria Allred sometimes faces criticism for her deft use of the media. In The New Yorker, Jia Tolentino profiles the well-known champion for women’s rights. In “Gloria Allred’s Crusade,” Allred talks about taking on Bill Cosby, rape law, and Donald Trump.

How protected is the president from lawsuits?

President Bill Clinton claimed in the 1990s that he couldn’t be sued for his actions as a private citizen until after his presidency ended. That comment drew criticism, as Clinton was involved in a legal battle with Paula Jones, who accused the former Arkansas governor of sexual harassment. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the president in 1997. Now, President Trump’s lawyers are asking a New York judge if he should face a lawsuit brought late last year. Matt Ford has more on this story at The Atlantic.