Ever wanted to be a writer? Write something for us!

writer authorSome of us may have daydreamed about being a celebrated author someday. Others need to find the proper motivation to write about a subject for which they are passionate. Have you ever wanted to organize your thoughts and opinions, type them up, and see them in a magazine, newsletter or blog? Then we invite you to submit your manuscript to us! We welcome all submissions that are directly or indirectly related to the legal profession. Please e-mail your article to afindley@associationsmgt.com and we’ll be happy to consider it for publication.

All submissions become the property of Legal Associations Management. If you need some motivation, read this piece at lifehacker.com on Why You Should Write For Free.

If you want to be a better writer, you have to work at it, which probably goes without saying. Writing about a subject that’s important to you not only gives you a way to make a convincing argument in support of it (or against it as the case may be), but it’s also a wonderful outlet for your passion. And it looks good on a resume, too. So roll up your sleeves, sit down at your keyboard, and be an author!


Welcome to The Trial Lawyer’s new political blog!

As any subscriber to The Trial Lawyer knows, politics is how laws get made. Perhaps more explicitly, laws are made by politicians. Therefore lawyers tend, to greater or lesser degrees, to follow politics not just as observers, but as interested parties. It is in that light that we have created our first political blog, “Politics, etc.” We hope you’ll visit regularly for entries on politics, the law, and how they affect trial lawyers. Do you do some political blogging that you’d like to share with our readers? Then, by all means, send it to us so we can share it with our readers. Just e-mail it to us at editor@thentl.org. As crazy as politics seems to be getting these days, there’s plenty to write about and share your opinion.