The separation of immigrant children from their parents is despicable

The Trump administration’s latest and most terrible tactic in its war on immigration is taking young children away from their parents at the border and keeping them separated. While the United States of America has plenty of regrettable stains on its history such as slavery and the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II, separating young children from their parents is cruel, inhumane and shameful. CNN reports in the video below that one parent says Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents took her child away while she was breastfeeding it.

At Slate, Dahlia Lithwick comments that even as we become desensitized to President Trump’s regular and repeated over-the-top antics, we must summon our outrage to protest this particularly horrifying policy.

That we are finding ourselves unable to process or act or organize because the large-scale daily horrors are escalating and the news is overpowering is perfectly understandable. But we need to understand that and acknowledge it and then refuse it any purchase. Because to be overwhelmed and to do nothing are a choice.

We agree. While it may not be part of an overarching strategy on behalf of Trump to desensitize us to these outrageous actions (that would be giving him too much credit), we must summon outrage at this reprehensible policy, and demand action. Separating children from their parents in an effort to keep them out of our country is unconscionable, and a policy that we will regret if we allow it, to say nothing of how dimly it will be viewed through the lens of history. Please do whatever you can to insist that this be stopped as quickly as possible. Our nation is heading down a slippery slope, and we must dig in and do whatever we can to stop this tragic and terrible policy.

ICE gets colder by detaining girl with cerebral palsy awaiting surgery

How far is too far when it comes to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rounding up undocumented immigrants? That point likely varies from person to person, but to the mother of 10-year-old Rosamaria Hernandez, who has cerebral palsy, it’s chillingly clear: it’s the moment when ICE agents stopped them at a Border Patrol checkpoint east of Laredo, Texas while rushing to a hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery. According to Time, the agents “escorted” Rosamaria to a hospital in Corpus Christi for her operation. After being medically cleared, the girl was taken to a federal facility for processing refugees in San Antonio and processed. Needless to say, both Rosamaria and her mother, Felipa de la Cruz, are terrified, and Rosamaria faces deportation. Their attorney, Alex Galvez, told Time, “She said, ‘Don’t worry. We’re going to see each other soon. Everything’s going to fine. Hang in there.’ She was trying to make her smile,” Galvez recalled. “Her daughter said, ‘Mom, where are you? I miss you. Why aren’t you here? And they start crying.” Galvez says it’s the first time Rosamaria will be separated from her mother, who brought her into the US illegally. Her parents have been living here for more than ten years and have no criminal history, according to Galvez.

It’s cases like these that make you wonder if ICE’s heart is colder than a stone, even than absolute zero. Galvez says as soon as Rosamaria is released from the facility in San Antonio, she will face deportation. Deporting a little girl with cerebral palsy who needed emergency gall bladder surgery? I don’t know if ICE can get any colder than that. All we can do is hope that Congress will do something soon to help Rosamaria and other families like hers gain a path to citizenship. The Trump administration killing DACA was cold; but ICE taking a disabled girl into custody on her way to surgery is coldest of all.